We Tackle The Tough Questions:  What’s The Best Web Hosting For Photographers?

best web hosting for photographers - I always get the question "what's the best web hosting for photographers?" Geeze. It's a real toughy, but let's break it down for you below.

You'll have to wonder "Am I tech Savy?". If you can maneuver around a keyboard just fine, and like doing things yourself, you'll most likely want to start a wordpress blog, and buy the hosting yourself. If you don't want to be bothered, you'll most likely want the "all under one roof" solution. Take a look at these variations:

All-In-One Solution:

This choice is the most effortless, but more pricey. Basically you pay ONE business to setup your website, blog, gallery etc…and they take care of the rest. This is more expensive obviously because they are charging a premium for their services and doing some of the heavy lifting for you. The best, simpliest and most inexpensive solution I've found is a company called PhotoShelter.com. They have a completely integrated approach with an trouble-free to setup website specifically designed for photographers. Another swell thing photoshelter does is incorporate a shopping cart/E-commerce ability for you to sell your photographs online.

Tech Savy / DIY Solution:

Okay then, follow my lead! Here's where we really reexamine the best web hosting for photographers. Actually setting up your own photography wordpress blog isn't very complicated at all, and can usually take 20 minutes or so and is a lot of fun to learn. Without a doubt the best web hosting for photographers is HostGator. HostGator is the industry criterion for webhosting (like GoDaddy is for domains) and I've yet to encounter anyone who doesn't use their services. The customer service ROCKS, and the prices can't be beat. For under 4 bucks a month (cheap) you can have unlimited storage/bandwidth which will keep your site running 24/7 without any headaches. PS the deal for 4 bucks a month is actually only useable through our website (over 20% savings from anywhere else) and can be found by clicking here.

My second choice for the most unbelievable web hosting for photographers would be Blue Host. Learn more about them by visiting our website.

Now once you've got your webhosting and domain all up and running, you're going to need a sweet lookin' wordpress template. For photographers it's best to invest a little bit of money to have a photo specific template. My favourite place where my personal website is from is Graph Paper Press. These guys rock, and the proprietor of the company closely helps you out with any specific technological questions you have. The pages are slick and clean looking, load fast, and are mobile phone/tablet friendly (which is a huge concern these days). Check out their specific photographer templates here

best web hosting for photographers
Don't be unsure to inquire me any qestions, and I will at all times answer back punctually! Now, go out there and build your amazing photography website! I hope this has cleared up some solutions and added value as to what the best web hosting for photographers is.